Storage help

Helpful tips for preparing your items to be put in storage.

Planning ahead will help you select the unit size that is right for you. Our team members are here to help you with questions about the size of the unit and how to figure out the best size for your storage items.

Important things to consider

Measure the largest items you plan to store in order to get a better sense of the size unit you will need.

Download the All Island Storage Checklist

If it’s possible, pack items that you won’t need access to together and put those in the unit first so that they are at the back. The more important items keep toward the front of your unit for easy access and be sure and write on the box the items that are inside.
This is a simple thing but remember to keep the heavy items on the bottom. Stack lighter boxes on top for easier access and moving around if you need to look for something.
If your unit is large enough, you can create a narrow path that will give you access to things throughout your unit. Additionally, include a step stool or small ladder for reaching items that are at the top.
Items that are sitting for a while can get musty smelling if not packed properly. All Island Storage units are clean and dry but our northwest air can be a challenge. Make sure to store boxes with some space around them so that there is some air flow. We also suggest using “Dri-Z-air or DampRid in your unit. These collect the extra moisture in the air.
An empty fridge is a great place to store items, like books, bedding, or even those easy access items you might need like tools, kitchen items. Just remember to keep the door ajar and a box of open baking soda.
Be sure to wrap mattresses and furniture with a protective covering. You can put bedding in large garbage bags and just tuck a few dryer softener sheets in to keep your items smelling fresh.
Once you have signed your contract, be sure to put the phone number for All Island Storage in your phone along with the access code.


Storage Amenities

All Island Storage units offer clean, spacious hallways, great lighting, and easy roll up doors. The Clinton facility has ground level access to indoor storage and larger drive-up units. All facilities offer moving dollies to make your job easier. The Freeland location offers Premium Climate Controlled units that will keep valuable items from deteriorating from the elements. Additional amenities are security cameras and monitors and a coded entry locking system. Both locations have U-Haul truck and van rental along with packing and wrapping materials to get you through your moving or storage needs.